Walls Plugin

Allow users to leave messages on other each other's profile. Video links are automatically parsed.
This plugin is automatically installed by default.and is required for proper JomSocial to function properly

User configurable options

While being a community plugin, users will never be able to see its settings. It is automatically loaded in all commenting areas of the component such as Photo Comments, Group Discussions etc...

Backend Options

Backend options of this plugin are not functional.
Prior to JomSocial 2.0 walls have been separate application that is now loaded by core, but plugin is still required.


Before JomSocial 2.0 only

If you wish to reposition the application later, you can start typing the position name and available positions will show up. Please note that already added Core Application, can not be repositioned for users that already have application added into their profiles. If application is set to be Core Application new position will only be applied to new users that register on your site.

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