Translating Plugin


Translation of the plugin can be done with language files.

Language Files

Every JomSocial plugin that contains elements which can be translated, have its own respective language file.
As all plugin, Joomla stores the language files for plugins in administrator folder of the site, so please navigate to

  • ROOT/administrator/language/en-GB - This is the default Joomla language folder for administrative side of site, and unlike modules and components, all plugin related language files will be stored here, regardless if they are active on Front End, or Back End.

The filename's that are of interest to us will in most cases have this format

  • en-GB.plg_community_pluginname.ini

Where pluginname stands for the respective plugin that translation is made for.
Editing these files, you can easily translate every JomSocial plugin.

Direct Overrides From 4.1

Starting from JomSocial 4.1, you can easily change the name, description and the favicon in the backend configuration of the plugin.</br> If you have multilingual site, Translate Elements will work for Display Name and Description field too