Twitter Plugin

NOTE!!! This page contains images showing settings and resources that are beyond our control. If they differ, please notify us on forums so we can change them

Allow users to display their latest tweets within their profile. It also allows auto-tweet when user change its status


This application is specific and will require you to setup the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret codes
To do that, go to Twitter Developer site and login with your twitter account
From user menu on top right click on My Applications

In the new loaded screen click to Create a new application

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and create your application
In the Website and Callback URL fields enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of your website

After accepting the Developers Rule of the Road and filling up the ReCaptcha properly, you will be presented with screen similar to this one

This is basically all you need to get the application going. Just paste the respective codes into proper setting at the JomSocial Twitter app

User configurable options

From Profile menu in toolbar select Customize My Page. Locate the My Twitter Updates plugin and click on settings icon Settings.png
The following screen will show up

  • Allow access - user will have to grant access to the application by logging in with own twitter account
  • Updates count - How many updates to display
  • Update Twitter - Should twitter be updated when user change the JomSocial status
  • Show friends updates - Choose wither to show twitter followers updates or not


If you wish to reposition the application later, you can start typing the position name and available positions will show up. Please note that already added Core Application, can not be repositioned for users that already have application added into their profiles. If application is set to be Core Application new position will only be applied to new users that register on your site.

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