The main purpose of this plugin is to prevent users of using (and abusing) the native Joomla's com_users registration
It can also control the login and logout redirections. You can also set the message that is displayed on each redirection.

Back End Options


  • Override com_user registration - Set this to yes to force your users to always use JomSocial registration, even if they try to decompose the links on your site and access to the site by using

Tip: Try to visit this link on your site - dont be surprised if you see native joomla registration form. A perfect place for spambots and Joomla savy users to register on your site avoiding the Custom Profile Fields and ReCaptcha

  • Redirect Login - Select menu item to redirect logins
  • Redirect login message - Message to be displayed on login
  • Redirect login failed - Where to redirect failed logins
  • Redirect login failed message - Message to be displayed on failed logins
  • Redirect logout - Where to redirect logouts
  • Redirect logout message - message to be displayed on logout
  • Redirect community registration - Message to be displayed on register redirect

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