JS Events

From JomSocial 4.1


This plugin can be added to one of the available positions to show list of events user participates to.



Myevents backen.png
  • Display Title - Allows admin to enter the title of the application that will be used on the frontend. If you have multilingual site, you can also enter the the translation key and add the string to the language file, or make an override. For the reference, visit this page.
  • Favicon - Upload the image you want this application to use. For the best result, upload 64x64px image.
  • Description - Allows admin to enter the description of the plugin. Similarly to Display Title field, it can also be translated through Joomla language override for multilingual sites.
  • Count - Default number of events the application will show.
  • Core Application - If you chose Yes, the application will automatically be added to the user profile.
  • Position - Works only if Core Application is set to Yes. Allows admin to chose one of the available positions where this application will be displayed
  • Hide if no content - When set to Yes Application will not appear in user profile when there is no content to show.

Visibility Table

The following table explains what events other users will be able to see when visiting profile of the user that have this plugin enabled

Event Type
Viewer is Participant
Viewer is NOT Participant
Visible Visible
Invitation Only
Visible Visible
Visible Not Visible

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