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Display friend's location in a Google Map box. For this plugin to work, you have to make sure these three Custom Profiles fields are compulsory: Town field, City field, and Country field.

Application View

Plg friendslocation.png

User configurable options

This plugin have no available options for users to configure

Back End Options


  • Core Application - If enabled, application will be added to all profiles in the position you select.
  • Caching - Enable the plugin content caching
  • Position - Select the position you want this module to be published in by default.
  • Town Field Code - Field code for the city used in Custom Profile Fields
  • State Field Code - Field for state
  • Country Field Code - Field for country
  • Count - Number of friends to show - 0 for no limit
  • Show karma / point - Show karma image, points or none
  • Width - Application width
  • Height - Application height


If you wish to reposition the application later, you can start typing the position name and available positions will show up. Please note that already added Core Application, can not be repositioned for users that already have application added into their profiles. If application is set to be Core Application new position will only be applied to new users that register on your site.

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