Setting up integration


Embedly is the most effective platform on the web to engage users through rich media embeds. It also provides you with actionable analytics, thoughtful related content, and proven results. It supports over 300 different content providers and now is fully integrated with JomSocial too.


Note: This section explains the third-party service integration. Some configuration steps might change over time. If you find the information outlined here to be obsolete, please contact us immediately so we can correct it.

Setting Embedly integration is really simple.

  1. Register on the website using existing and reachable email address and press Continue until you come to the Create a Project page
  2. Give the name to your project and press Continue
  3. If you want to invite someone to maintain the project with you, now you can invite them. We will click on the Skip this step for now link
  4. Welcome to Embedly screen will show. Press Go
  5. Click on the API then on Manage API Key. If you haven't verify the email yet, now you must.
  6. Press the Copy API Key button
  7. Go to your site backend and navigate to JomSocial -> Configuration -> Integration
  8. Paste the API key in the field designated at the Embedly pane and switch the Enable toggle to Yes

Supported providers

List of cards that can be fetched from different sites is quite big and changes every day. There are over 300 supported card providers.
For the full list of supported providers, visit this page.

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