Embed.ly Configuration


Before configuring further options, make sure you set up the integration properly.
The full guide for that can be found on this page.

Configuration Options

To access Embed.ly configuration go to JomSocial Dashboard then click on Configuration -> Integrations.

  • Enable Embed.ly - Switch this to yes when you want to use this integration.
  • Api Key - Api key is generally not needed, and cards will work without it, but we advise you to set the key because some video providers might not work without it. You can read this article to learn how to obtain API key.
  • Card Position - This option is for card positioning. It allows you to control the alignment of the card.
  • Card Template - Embed.ly will try to blend into your template as much as possible.
  • Minimalist design - Some cards (not all) will have very minimal, simple and clean design.

Supported providers

List of Embed.ly cards that can be fetched from different sites is quite big and changes every day. There are over 300 supported card providers.
For the full list of supported providers, visit this page.

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