Import Groups From CSV

From JomSocial 4.1.3


This is useful feature when you need to create a lot of predefined groups. In that case all you need is to create CSV file.

CSV Format

Your CSV files needs to be formatted in following order:

  • name - group name.
  • privacy - group privacy, where 0 is open group while 1 is closed group.
  • short_description - short group description.
  • full_description - full group description.
  • category_id - category ID to which group should be assigned.

An example of CSV file can be downloaded here


  • Browse to JomSocial Dasboard in the backend then click on Groups -> View groups
  • Click Import groups from .CSV button
  • Click Browse button and locate file on your hard drive, confirm your choice.
  • Click Import groups button.

File should be uploaded and groups created.

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