Users Export and Import from CSV

From JomSocial 4.1


JomSocial provides you with the easy way to quickly export list of all users accompanied with all the data from custom profile fields, avatar paths, their ID's and virtually any information attached to the user object. </br> Likewise, it provides you with the possibility to quickly import users from virtually any list. All you need to have is the user Full Name, username and email address.


Exporting users is very simple task. Navigate to Joomla Backend -> JomSocial -> Monitor -> Members then just click at the "Export to CSV" button.
New blank page will be open, but be patient. Depending on the size of your database, exporting process can take a while and CSV file will be automatically downloaded when exporting process is done.

Import Users

Please disable "Notification Mail to User' in 'User - Joomla!' plugin

Disabling the "Notification Mail to User" is needed, because we do not want Joomla to trigger any email on importing process..
Instead, we will send the welcome email using JomSocial's built in mail queue functionality that allows for more customisation and can send properly formatted HTML emails.
The process of importing is slightly different than process of exporting. This is because import functionality requires CSV file to be formatted in specified way, which is practically impossible to have as JomSocial allows you to have custom profile fields, and in that regard, no JomSocial-based site is the same.
In order for CSV import to work, you will need CSV file with three (3) comma separated values formatted as

Name, Username, Email Address

An example of CSV file can be seen here

When you have CSV file ready, navigate to Joomla Backend -> JomSocial -> Monitor -> Members and press "Import Users from CSV" button.
In the window that open, you will be able to select existing groups, or upcoming events if you feel like adding users to them.
Once imported, the Name will form the "Name" value, Username will be used as an username and email work as email, and obviously, the email and the email containing a welcome message and random password will be added to the mail queue waiting for cron job to run.

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