IJoomla Installer Installation

NOTE : IJOOMLA Installer no Longer supported.


This guide covers a fresh installation of the jomSocial 3 component into the Joomla CMS. You will need a working Joomla! site in order to install JomSocial. Please refer to the article, minimum system requirements, to determine the requirements your server will have to meet.
You can also use the iJoomla installer to upgrade your site

Adding Support and Install Domain Licenses

Before you can proceed with the installation of JomSocial 3, you must add these domains into your account area. To do this please navigate to main JomSocial site and click at the "My Account" link in the top right corner


"My Downloads" page with all of the purchases you ever made will be open.


For every license you might have, please enter the support and install domain

  • Support Domain - This will be the domain you will officially get technical support for
  • Domains you wish to install this product on - All additional domains you want to install the component on. No technical support will be provided for those.
LOCALHOST INSTALLATION If you are installing on the localhost, just enter the domain name of your live site in both, support and install domain. You are not required to define localhost as support or installation domain

Downloading iJoomla Installer

After support and instalation domains have been set, the green download button will become active and you will be able to download the package you have purchased.


Download the package and save it on your hard drive

Check for Installation Permissions

1. Login to your Joomla Administrator backend. From the System dropdown menu, click on System Information.

System info.png

2. Click the Folder Permissions tab and make sure all folders are Writable.


Using iJoomla installer to Install JomSocial

First, unpack the downloaded package using WinZip or any other archive software
Navigate back to backend and from Extensions dropdown menu select Manage then Install


From the Upload Package File tab under Install, browse for the iJoomla-Installer-Updater.zip file you unzipped and select it. Then, click Upload & Install to begin installation


Once installed, navigate to Components -> iJoomla Installer component


The following page will show up


When you're ready to install JomSocial, just enter the license number for the respective version of JomSocial you bought. License numbers can be found in My Downloads area at the main jomsocial site. When license number is inserted, press the blue Install button and installation will begin


Dont forget that even if installing on localhost, you will still need to define support and install domain in My Downloads area of main JomSocial site, otherwise, installation wont start and will return an error

Completing the Installation

After iJoomla Installer installs the component on the site, you can proceed with Complete Your Installation steps.


Hit the big green button from the screen above and first JomSocial installation screen will appear. Make sure all the requirements are met and then click Next.

Note: If any of the values are marked in yellow, do not worry, JomSocial will probably still work. If you're concerned that it might not work please make sure your system meet the minimum system requirements.

Wait till the installation is completed and then press Done button. You will be greeted with the JomSocial Backend Control Panel


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