Traditional Installation

IMPORTANT Before you proceed with the upgrade, make sure you have a previous JomSocial version installed

For example, in order to upgrade to JomSocial 3.2, it is best if you run version 3.1. To update to latest version 4.5.9 make sure you have a minimum of Jomsocial 4.4

If you don't have previous version currently running at your site, but you want to immediately upgrade to latest JomSocial, please read this Tier Upgrade Guide
IMPORTANT!!! This page explains how to upgrade by using the installation package.
You can not upgrade your site using iJoomla Installer Installation since it no longer supported

Upgrading to Latest JomSocial

Before doing anything major to your site, always create a full site backup (files + database). A few minutes of inconvenience can potentially save you hours of headaches and a poorly- or non-functioning site until the issues have been resolved. We recommend that you use this extension for maintaining backups: Akeeba Backup. You can learn more about creating a Joomla backup by reading this documentation. If you find it too inconvenient to do a complete backup of all your files, at the very least, please have backups of:

  • {root}/components/com_community
  • {root}/administrator/components/com_community
  • {root}/templates/mycurrentdirectory/html/com_community
  • {root}/plugins/community

Make sure you are running at least PHP 5.5.3 + Joomla 3.x or above, the max_upload in php.ini is greater than 8MB, and most importantly Joomla is running well, i.e. regular installation of other extensions work flawlessly. Read our system requirement before you proceed.
On Joomla 3, you should go to Administration -> System -> System Information -> Directory Permission and make sure everything is Writable


Starting the Upgrade to latest version

  1. Download the Latest version from the download page
  2. Create a full Backup your website
  3. Make sure you are running minimum JomSocial 4.4 or JomSocial 4.5 version
  4. Download JomSocial 4.5.9 from new unified download system.
  5. Install the package installer file
  6. To update for latest Jomsocial Make sure you are running minimum JomSocial 4.4 or JomSocial 4.5 version
  7. If you use JomSocial 4.3 or lower - Make the tier upgrade as explained in this doc & update Jomsocial with > 4.3 > 4.4 > 4.5.x

Upgrading Modules and Plugins

Starting from JomSocial 3.0 onward, all modules and plugins are upgraded automatically
For the third-party extensions, please consult the developer for an updated version, if necessary.

First time installation

After downloading the Jomsoicial latest package on your site, You need to Open Joomla admin with superuser access, Extension > Manage > Install > Upload the JomSocial zip file and after this you can proceed with Complete Your Installation steps.


Hit the big green button from the screen above and first JomSocial installation screen will appear. Make sure all the requirements are met and then click Next.

Note: If any of the values are marked in yellow, do not worry, JomSocial will probably still work. If you're concerned that it might not work please make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements.

Wait till the installation is completed and then press Done button. You will be greeted with the JomSocial Backend Control Panel



With the new features and enhancements which are part of the new JomSocial releases, there will be a number of new language strings in JomSocial.
You will be able to find them all in the Translations section of this wiki

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Front End

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