The tutorial bellow is designed for wiki administrators to explain some common practices we will impose on this wiki.
Please read through it completely

What should we cover in documentation

Simple said - everything. But for a start, focus on explaining available features. Give no hacks or custom modifications anywhere on the wiki page. If you find necessary to include some hack as a reference, link it to the forums.

About MediaWiki Markup

Mediawiki have a very strong markup so try to keep it as simple as possible

H2 H3 H4 and H5 tags

To create headings on the page, you need to use desired numbers of = character
==This is the H2 Heading==
===This is the H3 Heading===
====This is the H4 Heading====
=====This is the H5 Heading=====
H1 heading is also available by =This is the H1 Heading=
but do not use this heading in your articles under any circumstances
It is the same as page title, and can be confusing

New Paragraph

MediaWiki ignores normal line breaks. To start a new paragraph, leave an empty line.
To start a new line you must use <br/> HTML tag at the end of previous line

Bullet List

To create bullet list simply use * character

* Bullet 1
* Bullet 2
* Bullet 3
** Bullet 3 point 1
** Bullet 3 point 2

Will give you:

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  • Bullet 3
    • Bullet 3 point 1
    • Bullet 3 point 2

Numbered List

To create numbered list simply use # character

# Number 1
# Number 2
# Number 3
## Number 3 point 1
## Number 3 point 2

Will give you:

  1. Number 1
  2. Number 2
  3. Number 3
    1. Number 3 point 1
    2. Number 3 point 2
Mixture of bulleted and numbered list

You can also use the mix of numbers and bullets, but try to avoid them


While Mediawiki supports <code> tag, in our wiki, we will use this instead

<syntaxhighlight lang="php">
enter code here

This will allow us to have differently highlighted pieces of codes for different languages
Note on <br/> tag: It seems that extension used for syntax highlighting don't add the new line when it finishes the code, so only for the sake of visual appeal, use it all the time.

Starting a new line with a space

if you start a new line with space, it will be displayed like this. Pay extra attention about it.

About Images

In wiki guides and explanations, try to use as many images as possible, but dont go crazy with them. Try to explain as many things as possible with one single image.
As an wiki admin, you can access the media upload by visiting the Special:Upload page.
To see list of all files that are already uploaded to wiki, visit this page Special:ListFiles
The list of already available files is particularly useful for those images that can be reused in different tutorials.
For example, you dont have to upload new file to show user how to access JomSocial configuration page as this file already exist.

Note - the image is resized for the purpose of this help. You wont resize images in your articles as you want users to clearly see what to do without clicking the image thumb.
You can also upload your reusable images, but try to reuse them as much as you can whenever is possible.

For every new article that will include some Back End image, use the images from Joomla 3. Make sure that name of your test site is JomSocial Docs as shown on the image above.
If you're about to post image regarding external source, please use alert like on this example

Using images in articles

To use the image in the article, you will need to know exact filename and the extension of file you want to use

  • syntax

Links and linking

MadiaWiki uses unique method to link the internal pages. You will have to know exact title of the page in order to link it properly.
Lets try to create link to some of the wiki pages
For example, this one

To link it properly, you will use this syntax

[[JomSocial User Object|title for our internal link]]

It will be shown like this
title for our internal link

You can also use the simpler syntax

[[JomSocial User Object]]

which will lead to a same page and will be displayed like this JomSocial User Object but try to avoid single name formating as it can potentially limit us in the future
For example, look at the Photos & Videos Documentation and notice how we have two menus with same name Frontend Moderation Options which both leads to different location
Mediawiki understand web links, as you might noticed already. If you need to paste web link, you can freely do it. Also, you may do it like this

[ Link to JomSocial Site]

and this will give you
Link to JomSocial Site

About Alerts

There are 4 types of alerts available in bootstrap. These are

  • danger or error
  • info
  • success
  • no class

Danger Alert

Use this alert when you want to make clear that user should be extra careful, or something is highly important

  • syntax
{{alert|<strong>Warning:</strong> This is the warning|alert-danger}}
{{alert|<strong>Warning:</strong> This is the warning|alert-error}}
  • output
Warning: This is the warning

Info Alert

When you need to add some info notices, use this alert

  • syntax
{{alert|<strong>Info:</strong> This is the info|alert-info}}
  • output
Info: This is the info

Success Alert

Also known as happy alert is used when you need to outline something good or useful

  • syntax
{{alert|<strong>YAY:</strong> That is great success|alert-success}}
  • output
YAY: That is great success

No Class Alert

This is the default bootstrap alert.Use it when you have something important to outline, but its not dangerous to proceed with

  • syntax
{{alert|<strong>Default:</strong> No class|alert}}
  • output
Default: No class


If you really want to go fancy with your articles, you can use bootstrap popovers, but im not sure how well popovers play on touchscreens, so, avoid them :)

  • syntax
{{pop|Whatever triggers the popover|Popover Title|Popover Content}}
  • output

Whatever triggers the popover