Setting Up Photo Galleries


The primary objective of this article is to explain how to enable and configure photo galleries on your site. Please read it completely to understand all of the available options.

Accessing the Configuration Options

  1. Navigate to site Backend and from the Components drop-down menu, select JomSocial > Configuration.
  2. Locate the Photo Gallery settings and make sure that photo galleries are enabled (they are enabled by default).

Other Options Explained

  1. Photo Creation Limit - Number of total photos a user can upload, regardless of the number of albums. This is a global setting, not per album. Set to 0 to allow an unlimited number of photos.
  2. Photo Pagination Limit - Number of photos to be displayed in an album before it gets paginated. Default value is 100 and cannot be set to 0.
  3. Show Photo Map - Choose whether to show photo map by default.
  4. Show Photo Gallery Slider - From JomSocial 2.4 forward, the Photo Album can show a nice jQuery album scroller.
  5. Maximum Upload Size - Define the maximum file size of the images your users can upload. Make sure that is not bigger than the #upload_max_filesize defined in your php.ini or your users will be misled into believing they can upload a 10MB file, for example, when it is restrict to 8MB in the php.ini.
  6. Delete Original Photo - If you&squo;re running low on space on your server or you simply don’t need to keep original copies of the photos uploaded, you can enable this option. It will also remove the download option in the single photo view because the original photo will be deleted and no download link will work.
  7. ImageMagick Path (optional) - JomSocial by default uses GD2 for processing the images. If your server supports ImageMagick, you can enter the absolute path to it here.This information, however, must be obtained from the hosting provider. The advantages of using ImageMagick over GD2 is lower resource usage as well as the ability to support animated .gif images.
  8. Automatically set as album cover - If you want the first image uploaded in the album to automatically be set as album cover, enable this option.
  9. Rotate photos automatically - Enable this if you want photos to be rotated automatically. This can work only if the photo contains proper orientation data.
  10. Image Output Quality - Select the quality of the resized photos.

Additional Photo Options

Template Settings

Default JomSocial templates have the option to show the latest photos on the Frontpage to public or registered members as well as hiding it completely.

  1. Navigate to Components > JomSocial > Templates and open the template that is currently in use at the site.
  2. Locate the option Show new photos - This option controls the visibility of latest Photos box on the Frontpage.

Layout Settings

  1. Navigate back to the JomSocial Configuration page and find the Frontpage options under Layout pane.
  2. Frontpage Recent Photos - This option determines how many recent photos will be shown in the Latest Photos box on Frontpage.
Note: The Latest Photos box only shows images from albums that are marked with the Public privacy option.

Anti-Spam Settings

Under the Anti Spam pane in JomSocial Configuration, you can set how many photos users can upload daily. This is a global setting and applies to total number of uploaded photos. It is not a "per album" setting.

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