Sending Message

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Sending messages to other users in the community is pretty much a straightforward task. There are, however, several ways you can send a message to the user.

Sending From User Profile

The most common way to send the message to a user is to visit their respective profile page and locate the Send Message button:


Once clicked, the button will call the popup for creating the private message:


In the popup displayed above, you must write the message Title and the actual Message and just click on the Send button.

Sending From User Lists

In various JomSocial user lists, such as friend lists, group member list, event attendee's lists, etc., you can also find the Send Message button. It looks like this:


Sending From Inbox

You can also send private messages directly from inbox. When you're in your inbox, navigate to the Write link:


In the following example, which is similar to the previous one, a popup window will appear, only this time, with one additional button allowing you to add recipients:


You can send the same message to multiple recipients too.

Note: Adding recipients is limited to friends only. You can not add the the user which is not your friend.

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