What are Events


Events is a built-in core feature which allows community members to announce and promote new events on the site. It is designed to fit most communities and allows users to quickly and easily promote their events while providing easy moderation for community Administrators. Events are not mandatory and can be completely disabled at any time.


Event Features

  1. Create public events - Public events can be attended by anyone. The Event&squo's information and details can also be viewed by anyone.
  2. Private events - Unlike public events, users’ invitations have to be approved by the Event Administrator in order for the requester to attend the event. The event information and details can be seen by anyone. Only the recent activities will be hidden. Events created in private groups can only be viewed and attended by private group members.
  3. Start Group Events - If enabled, users will be able to create Events in Groups.
  4. Invite your friends - Every Event Admin can invite friends to join the event (There is a limitation on this feature in Group Events).
  • You cannot force people to participate.
  • You cannot sell tickets for events.
  • You cannot use granular privacy like the kind found in the photo and video galleries.