Setting up Amazon S3


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In JomSocial, we provide a way to store your JomSocial data remotely on Amazon S3, the online storage service by Amazon Web Services. For more information regarding Amazon S3, please click here.

Video tutorial

Setting Up

Amazon config0.jpg
  1. In JomSocial's Backend, click Configuration.
  2. From there, click Remote Storage found at the top-left of the configuration bar.
  3. Under Storage Methods, choose whether you want to store the data locally, via Local Server, or in the Amazon S3 cloud.
  4. For Amazon S3, fill in the required fields with your Amazon S3 details.
  5. The Bucket Path here refers to the name of the bucket that you want to store the data. For example, if the URL of your Amazon S3 looks like this:****.jpg, then the Bucket Name is bucket-name.
  6. If you're opting for Amazon S3's Reduced Redundancy Storage, change the Amazon Storage Class from Standard to Reduced Redundancy. For more information regarding Reduced Redundancy Storage, please click here.
Note: The Bucket Name should only contain lower case letters, no special characters, no numbers, and no capital letters.