Select Field


Select Field allow site admin to add the select-able dropdown option. This field is used when user needs to select only one of the options

Creating the field

To create field of type select navigate to site backend and from Components dtropdown menu select JomSocial -> Custom Profiles.
In the Custom Profiles screen click on the New Field button


Available Options

  • Name - This is the name of the field. It should describe what kind of information user should enter
  • Type - Type of the field that is about to be created
  • Groups - Select the field group for this field
  • Field Code - Unique Field Code. Can be put to any value. Later can be retrieved through API and used everywhere, even in third party components.
  • Registration - Chose whether to show this field during registration
  • Visible - Select the visibility options for this field
  • Published - Select whether the field would be published
  • Required - Chose whether field would be required. If yes, Registration option must be set to Yes as well
  • Tooltip - Tooltip to be displayed when hovering over the field name (on frontend)
  • Option - Enter the available options. Each in new line. Make sure you dont leave blank lines as they will be treated as blank answer.
  • Size - The number of visible options in the drop-down list before scrollbar appears. The default is 1. If more options are available, default value is 4
  • Style Attribute - Allows adding the custom CSS styles for the field.

Field Display on Site Frontend

Navigate to the Edit Profile page to see the field


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