Replacing Default Avatar


One of the "hidden" functionalities which really is a gem and life saver for every admin that wants their sites to rise above other is the ability to easily change the default avatars and maintain that change with ease. A common belief is to replace avatars in their original location, and while this would obviously work because its just an image that is being replaced, it is not a good practice to do that as your custom avatars will be overridden with every upgrade of JomSocial
In this article, we will show you how to properly replace the avatars on your JomSocial web site.

Files That You Want To Change

Most of the files you want to modify are located in this folder
It contains all of the default avatars for both, male and female users, groups, events, but also for videos and photos too. We will list them all now

  • Male Avtar - user-Male.png
  • Male Avatar Thumbnail - user-Male-thumb.png
  • Female Avatar - user-Female.png
  • Female Avatar Thumbnail - user-Female-thumb.png
  • Album Picture - album_thumb.jpg
  • Photo Thumbnail - photo_thumb.png
  • Video Thumbnail - video_thumb.png
  • Group Avatar - group.png
  • Group Avatar Thumbnail - group_thumb.png
  • Event Avatar - event.png
  • Event Avatar Thumbnail - event_thumb.png

Location Where to Change Them

Do NOT change anything in assets folder

Create this folder if it don't already exist
Copy and paste all files mentioned above.
You can now start editing your overridden avatars.

TIP: if you create your own template you can put those avatars in your_template/images folder as well

Replacing Default Covers

Since JomSocial 3.2

Its the same thing with covers for profiles, groups and events.
Again, go to the assets folder, copy these files, and paste them into your_template/images folder

  • cover-male-default.png
  • cover-female-default.png
  • cover-undefined-default.png
  • cover-group-default.png
  • cover-event.png

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