Remove commenting option in Photo Albums

NOTE: It's recommended for you to have backup of the edited template file. Solution is tested with JomSocial


This hack will remove commenting feature for Photo Albums page (commenting on Photos stays untouched)


1. Copy this file:



ROOT/templates/your-template/html/com_community (if you don't have "html" or "com_community" folders, feel free to create them)

2. Then edit file and look for this code (line 186 to 193):

<div class="cMedia-Comments">
<a name="comments"></a>
<div class="cWall-Header"><?php echo JText::_('COM_COMMUNITY_COMMENTS') ?></div>
<div id="community-walls">
<div id="wallForm" class="cWall-Form"><?php echo $wallForm; ?></div>
<div id="wallContent" class="cWall-Content"><?php echo $wallContent; ?></div>

Just remove that code. This will remove comments feature on album pages.

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