Modifying Toolbar

JomSocial allows site Administrators to modify the structure of the JomSocial toolbar to meet unique requirements. This can easily be achieved by modifying the content of the JomSocial Toolbar Menu Items. Simply go to the Joomla Menu Manager > JomSocial Toolbar and edit the desired items.


Using the Joomla Menu Manager, you can include any link to the JomSocial menu. This will help you put internal Joomla/JomSocial links and external URL into the JomSocial Toolbar easily.

Publishing the Menu

Since it is handled as just another menu item, you can publish the JomSocial Toolbar Menu Items into the native Joomla Menu Module; however, this will not allow you to have the toolbar styled as when it is through the JomSocial Component.

The Menu published inside the Joomla native menu will look exactly as all other menus you publish on the site. To achieve the same visual appeal of the Toolbar across whole site, you will have to download and use Third-Party Toolbar Modules, like the ones shown below, that can be located through our Addons section: