JS Members


This module will display the site members following many different criteria.
You can easily display latest members, or maybe only friends of the currently logged in user which belong to a specific profile type.

Backend Settings

  • Profile Filter - Select wether to filter the module output by profile type.
  • Profile Type - Only in effect when "Profile Filter" is set to "Yes". It allows to select the Profile Type
  • Show - What kind of users to show in the module.
    • Newest - Show the list of newest members (by the registration date)
    • Popular - Show the list of popular members (based on the number of profile views)
    • Featured - Show only featured members.
    • Friends - Show only friends of the logged in user. Naturally, you will want to publish module in this mode for "Registered" users only.
    • Online - Show list of online users.
  • Respect User Online Settings - When enabled, module will not display the little green dot in avatars for members who decided to hide their online status. If module is published in mode to show "Online" members, users who have hidden online status will not be displayed as online.
  • Show Total Members - Displays total members registered in the community.
  • Limit - Limit the number of items shown in a module.



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