JS Friends Suggestions


Suggesting people you may know have always been a backbone feature for extending users networking circles.
Now this possibility is available in JomSocial too, using this simple module

Backend Settings

  • Match Logic - Select the module behaviour
    • Match any field - Module will display suggestions if any of the five fields bellow is matched
    • Match all fields - Module will display suggestions only if all given fields are matched
  • First field to match - Select the first field to match
  • Second field to match - Select the second field to match (not required)
  • Third field to match - Select the third field to match (not required)
  • Fourth field to match - Select the fourth field to match (not required)
  • Fifth field to match - Select the fifth field to match (not required)
  • Suggest by Profile Type - If this option is enabled, module will take into consideration only users that belong to a same profile type as the user that is looking at module.
  • Suggest Friends of a Friend - If this option is enabled, module will only suggest users that are already friends with your friends, but still haven't friended you.
  • Matchmaking Mode for Gender Field - When this option is enabled, a gender field value will be switched, so if you're a female, you will only get male user suggestions.
  • Limit - Number of suggestions to show in the module



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