Installing Module on JomSocial 2.8 and lower

This documentation is obsolete and contains instructions and images from previous versions of JomSocial
If youre looking for current module installation tutorial, please, click here


This guide covers the installation of the jomSocial module. You will need a working Joomla! site with JomSocial already installed in order to install and use any module.

Downloading Package

Go to main site. From main navigation, at top of the page, click on the Account tab


From your account area, click on the available download links and download the installer package at your hard drive


Unpacking Installer

Extract the content of the downloaded package


You will now have new 3 .zip archives

  • - Archive containing all the plugins. Please, click here to see how to install plugins.
  • - This is the installer for Component installation
  • - archive containing all the official jomSocial modules

Checking for installation permissions

1. Login to your Joomla administration area and click on System Information link
2. Click on the Directory Permissions tab and make sure all folders are Writable

Uploading Installer

Unpack the and use the Joomla Installer to install them as you would install any other extension.