Frontend moderation options in events

As a JomSocial-powered site Administrator, you have the ability to moderate the events created on your site. An Event Administration Options sidebar will appear on the event page:


  1. Edit Cover - Change the cover image of the event.
  2. Print event - to print the current event page.
  3. Edit Cover - Change the cover image of the event.
  4. Feature Event - Feature the event page, admin has power to feature the event.
  5. upload photos - upload images in the event
  6. Add Video - Add videos in the event.
  7. Export to Ical - you can export the event in ical formate on local computer.
  8. Edit - To edit the information of the event.
  9. Duplicate - To create a new event using information similar to the one you are currently editing. This saves time when creating similar events, e.g. soccer practices, but at a different time or location.
  10. Delete Event - It removes the event.