Email Digest

Only available for JomSocial version > 4.2


Email digest will notify inactive members about new public activities happening on the site. It is very effective tool to keep lost users coming back to your website but if miss-configured, it can also be very dangerous, so read carefully.

Important Things to Know

  1. Know your email limit - Many hosting providers have a limit of emails that can be sent per hour. If you're not sure how to check for this limit, contact your hosting provider. Once you know what is the limit, adjust the number of emails that are sent per one cron run. Don't try to send more than what limit is. Also, consider emails from mail queue. Those emails count too.
  2. Send as less images as possible - If you try to send too many images in email body, service providers can put your site on the blacklist and consider all future emails originating from the site to be the spam messages.

How to Configure Email Digest

The most important thing to know is how many emails can you send per one hour.
On shared servers this number is very limiting, almost never over 100 or 200. For the exact number, please contact your hosting provider.
For this purpose, lets say our emails per hour limit is 100. This means we can only send out 100 emails from our site within 1 hour, but we have 2000 inactive users in queue.
Set Cron Job to run every 10 minutes and in Email Digest configuration, set Number of emails per cron run to 10.
Now lets calculate this:

  • 1 Cron job every 10 minutes means it will be total of 6 crons per hour.
  • Email Digest will be triggered 6 times, and will dispatch total of 60 emails.
  • Because our limit is 100 emails per hour 60 will be reserved for Email Digest, while 40 will be used for other emails originating from your site, such are emails from JomSocial Mail Queue, new registration emails or even third-party component emails.
  • With this setup, Email Digest should dispatch 1440 emails within one day.

Images In Email Body

While JomSocial Email Digest allows the liberty of choosing what images to send, we strongly advise to actually send a less images as possible, because email filters will treat emails with many images as a spam, and you don't want to end up on black list.
Because of this, all images-related configuration options are set to NO by default.

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