Disabling Individual Activity

Since JomSocial 3

JomSocial 3 brings back the possibility to disable certain activity stream items.
This feature was available since JomSocial 1.0 all the way to JomSocial 2.4, but in 2.6 and 2.8 was disabled because it was rather confusing.
However, users community wanted the ability to disable certain activity stream items and we had to bring the option back.

How to do it?

It is pretty much straight forward thing to do, but it is located on very unusual place.
Navigate to Backend -> Components -> JomSocial -> User Points


Simply, disable user point for desired action, and activity stream for it wont be created either

Difference between disabled user point and value set to 0

Some web admins believe that if disabling the user points for every single action, will somehow completely disable the points on the site. This however, is not the case.Karma image will still be shown, and user points will still be available. If you want to disable user points completely, you need to disable karma system
When user point is disabled to certain action, activity stream item for that action is disabled too
If you don't need any point assigned to certain action after it is carried but you still want activity stream for that action to be created, enable the user point, but set its value to 0

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