Daily Limits


To prevent spam, JomSocial imposes daily limits on the content that can be posted or uploaded by a user.

These Daily Limits are:

  1. Limit number of new messages - Set how many Private Messages users can send daily.
  2. Limit number of new groups - Set how many Groups the user can form daily.
  3. Limit number of new photos - Set how many Photos the user can upload daily. This is a global configuration and accounts for all of the albums. It is NOT a "per album" setting.
  4. Limit number of new videos - Set how many Videos the user can link or upload daily.
  5. Limit number of friend requests - Limit number of Friend Requests the user can submit daily.
  6. Limit number of new files - Limit how many Files the user can upload in Groups daily.

Daily Limit Settings

Navigate to the site Backend and from the Components dropdown menu, then select JomSocial > Configuration. Daily limits can be found under the Anti Spam pane.