Cron says: 'Could not convert video'


I can upload videos to my website, but the Cron job won't convert them.

Possible Solutions:

  1. First, check if every single system requirement for video upload has been met.
  2. If the requirements have been met and it still doesn't work, check your other extensions, especially plugins.
  3. Disable every plugin except for:
    1. Authentication - Joomla
    2. Azrul System Mambot For Joomla
    3. System - Zend Lib (JomSocial 1.8 to 2.6)
    4. User - Joomla!
  4. If the Cron processes the video, then that means that one of the Third-Party plugins is interfering with the conversion.
  5. Enable the plugins, one by one, to see which one causes it to fail and you will have identified the troublesome plugin.

Also, If you are using JS Profile Types (JSPT), you need to specify a path to FFmpeg in JSPT as well because JSPT simply overwrites JomSocial's configuration.

  1. Go to the site Backend and navigate to Components > JomSocial Profile Types > JS Configuration
  2. Edit the profiles (names).
  3. Enter the path to FFmpeg.
  4. Run the Cron.

That should resolve the issue.