Common errors and mistakes

Facebook Connect does not work on a site with 'www' or without it.

Check the 'base domain' setting under Facebook Application page. Do not use or Only submit

Facebook Connect button does not show up.

Install Firebug for Firefox and determine if you have any JavaScript conflicts. If the origin of the conflicting JavaScript is from another module or plugin, try disabling the specific module or plugin.

Not getting correct user emails from Facebook (random emails generated).

This is caused by a restriction inside the Facebook API. Facebook, for security and privacy reasons, will not allow third-party application developers from fetching user email addresses from its database. Therefore, JomSocial (and all other Facebook Connect components, for that matter) will generate a random email for that user. There is no way for us to know user email addresses (even the one that they submitted via the Facebook Connect authentication popup), because it is locked and secured.

Logging-In via Facebook Connect shows the user’s full name.

This is also a restriction by Facebook. Facebook, as you may know, has no “usernames.” Therefore, anyone that logged in through Facebook will have to accept that his/her username is the user's FULL NAME, and vice versa.

Some user information is not properly retrieved from Facebook.

Depending on each user’s Privacy Settings in Facebook, some of the user's information might not be properly imported into JomSocial because it has been restricted.

Reminder: DO NOT link an Administrator account with a Facebook account. Since all authentication will be done by Facebook, a linked Admin will be able to login on the Frontend, but will not be able to login to the Backend at "/administrator" because the login form there has no Facebook authentication feature and the password is now held by Facebook.