Bootstrap Alerts

About Alerts

There are 4 types of alerts available in bootstrap. These are

  • danger or error
  • info
  • success
  • no class

Danger Alert

Use this alert when you want to make clear that user should be extra careful, or something is highly important

  • syntax
{{alert|<strong>Warning:</strong> This is the warning|alert-danger}}
{{alert|<strong>Warning:</strong> This is the warning|alert-error}}
  • output
Warning: This is the warning

Info Alert

When you need to add some info notices, use this alert

  • syntax
{{alert|<strong>Info:</strong> This is the info|alert-info}}
  • output
Info: This is the info

Success Alert

Also known as happy alert is used when you need to outline something good or useful

  • syntax
{{alert|<strong>YAY:</strong> That is great success|alert-success}}
  • output
YAY: That is great success

No Class Alert

This is the default bootstrap alert.Use it when you have something important to outline, but its not dangerous to proceed with

  • syntax
{{alert|<strong>Default:</strong> No class|alert}}
  • output
Default: No class