Updating From Very Old JomSocial Versions

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The time for an update will come sooner or later for most of the users. Some of you may tolerate the older version for a longer time then others, some of you just don't want to update the jomSocial installation because your client don't want to pay for update, nevertheless, sooner or later time for it will come, and here is the proper way to do it.

Downloading the Older version

Provided that your subscription is still active. Using the explained link bellow you can download any version of JomSocial.

http://www.jomsocial.com/component/account/?view=download&id=REFERENCENUMBER&[email protected]&ver=X.Y.Z.

Replace the

  1. REFERENCENUMBER - with your valid reference number
  2. [email protected] - with your valid purchase email
  3. X.Y.Z - with actual version you want to download
Note: If you have the Dev license, please contact the support personnel to provide you with older version as we experiencing some troubles with downloading older versions for users with this type of license. Basically, the script will try to find the dev instance of required version, which simply isnt available before JomSocial 2.8, hence error will be shown

Tier Update

To properly update your JomSocial installation from older version, you are absolutely required to make a tier upgrade.
This simply means you need to make step by step update from one version to another gradually increasing by the time of release.
It is needed to ensure the proper database update of JomSocial related tables.

For this example, we will asume that one have installed JomSocial 1.0.128