System Requirements

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Basic system requirements

JomSocial is an extension for Joomla. To be able to use JomSocial, you would first need to install Joomla on your web host.

We recommend using the latest stable version of Joomla (currently 2.5) to enjoy its latest features and security improvements. JomSocial support the minimum requirement of:

   Joomla 2.5.6 or above

For the server, make sure it has:

   PHP 5.3 or above
   MySQL 4.1 or above

JomSocial also requires several PHP extension, which are available in most host:

   GD library, at least v1.8 with libjpeg
   cURL library

That's about all you need for most JomSocial basic functionality to work. For more advanced features including faster photo upload, video upload, and Facebook Connect--follow the sections below.

How to check for system specifications yourself

You can check most of the below requirements by heading to your Joomla backend on Help > System Info > System Information and PHP Information tab. However it is best for you to consult your webhost to have a definite overview of your server configuration.

Photo upload requirements

To process image, photo upload relies heavily on GD Library which uses a lot of memory. For a better performance, opt for ImageMagick instead if your server support it. Minimum: GD library Recommended: ImageMagick; to get it running, it also requires exec/passthru/shell_exec/system access