Setting up Google integration

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Google Login Integration

From JomSocial 4.7.5, Google Social login option is supported

Screenshot 5.jpeg

Application Configurations :

Create application :

Navigate to login with your Google account to create a Client ID.

- At Credentials menu, select create OAuth Client ID and fill the form - OAuth consent screen, add Authorized domains

- Google client ID always ended with:

jomsocial Joomla social community extension 4.7.5 Google OAuth consent screen setup:

  1. Application Name - Enter a name for your application.
  2. Application logo
  3. Support Email - Enter the email address you used as a support email.
  4. Authorise Domain setup

Once you setup the Consent setup, you can click on the authentication Tab to finish the setup and copy the Client ID.

Create an Auth Client as a Web application. Submit the Site domain details and save.


jomsocial Joomla social community extension 4.7.5 Google login app setup on backend:

Once the application is successfully created, its time to copy the keys and paste them in JomSocial > Configurations > Integration > Google

Screenshot 6.jpeg

If you are a new user or logging in on-site for the first time via Google login. you must authorize the application

Screenshot 3.jpeg