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The poll is a new feature in Jomsocial

From JomSocial 4.5.9


This option is used to show a voting poll on the frontend.



How to Enable ? To Enable the Poll feature on the front page, enable the poll option from Jomsocial configuration panel. Open Poll > Poll Settings to enable them.


  • All Polls - Allows admin to publish, unpublish and delete a poll from a list of all poll.
  • Polls Category - Allows admin to create a new category or modify already created category for poll, In this panel, admin can create different categories for the poll.

Poll Setting fields

  • Enable Polls - Enable ro disable the poll option on site.
  • Allow Guests to Perform Search Polls - Allow a guest user to perform a search in the poll..
  • Moderate Poll Creation - Enabling this option will set the created poll in a queue for admin approval.
  • Allow Poll Creation - Allow this option to allow a user to add a new poll on site.
  • Poll Creation Limit - Set maximum no. of polls a user can create, set 0 for unlimited..

Poll ACL

Jomsocial gives full control over the poll using Joomla ACL. You can allow/disallow Joomla user group to not create,edit or delete a poll. To make changes in access level, open JomSocial > Configurations > Access Control and configure.

Poll Menu


To add Poll Menu on site, Open Menu manager > Add new menu item > community > Polls. There is a different type of poll menu you can add on site.

Add a Poll in front-end

Once the poll option is enabled in back-end, user can post a poll, each poll has following fields :

  • Poll Title : - the title of the poll
  • Poll options : - add poll options.
  • Category: - assign the poll to a category
  • Expiry date: - end date of poll
  • Allow multiple choices: - tick the option to let user select multiple options in the poll. If not, user can select 1 option only.