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NOTE!!! This page covers the installation process for JomSocial 2.6 and bellow. If you're looking for the JomSocial 2.8 installation guide, please, [{Installation</div>

Before you begin

Make sure your web hosting environment has meet the minimum system requirements.
If you are upgrading JomSocial, please refer to this upgrading documentation

Installing the Component

Installing JomSocial is really straightforward. After downloading the file, make sure you extract it first. Extractall.png

You will be using 'com_community_[version].zip' for the installation Installation2.png

Lets get started:

1. Login to your Joomla administration area and go to Site > System Information > Directory Permission. Make sure all directories listed are writable. Installation3.png Installation4.png

2. Go to Extensions > Extension Manager. At Upload Package File, browse for the 'com_community_[version].zip' file and choose it. Then, click on "Complete your installation" to begin. Installation5.png Installation6.png Installation7.png

3. The JomSocial Installer screen appears. Make sure all the requirements are checked as 'Yes'. Click on 'Next' and wait until the installation finishes. Installation8.png

4. You will be greeted with the Installation Completed screen. Congratulations! Installation9.png

Alternative installation method

You can also install JomSocial by manually uploading all the files to your web host via FTP. Follow the steps below:

1. Extract the 'com_community_[version].zip' file.

2. Upload the extracted folder to your joomla/tmp directory using your FTP client. Installation11.png

3. Go to Extensions > Extension Manager. At the "Install from Directory" section, point to the folder that you have uploaded just now. Then click on Install. Installation12.png

What's next?

Go to your Joomla front page, and you will notice a new menu item called "JomSocial". Users are now able to register, add friends and share photos in your community!