Common Photo Related Issues

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Gallery view is broken

Symptom: Gallery keeps on loading with showing the photo.


Causes :

  1. PHP ran out of memory during image-resizing for viewing. Check your php.ini memory_limit and increase it accordingly.
  2. The actual file is missing due to upload/permission issue.
  3. Third party plugin conflict

Debugging Procedure


  1. We need to know whether the actual image exists or not.
  2. Right Click on the thumb> View Image (in Firefox)
  3. Take note of the actual URL for the thumb.
  4. You will notice that the URL of the thumb is (example): Thumb: images/photos/62/thumb_e9c8787197c151c42b599543.jpg
  5. The URL of the actual image would be (example) : Actual : images/originalphotos/62/e9c8787197c151c42b599543.jpg
  6. photos -> originalphotos
  7. thumb_e9c8787197c151c42b599543.jpg -> e9c8787197c151c42b599543.jpg
  8. Once you know the generated file name, head straight to the original photo, which is
  9. If you manage to view both original photos and its thumb, then most likely your issue lies on insufficient memory_limit.
  10. If you are not able to view any or both original photos and its thumb, most likely your issue lies on incorrect directory permission.