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(Gallery View is Broken)
(Gallery View is Broken)
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==Gallery View is Broken==
===Gallery View is Broken===

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Gallery View is Broken


Gallery keeps loading without showing the photo.


Causes :

PHP ran out of memory during image-resizing for viewing. Check your php.ini memory_limit and increase it accordingly.
The actual file is missing due to upload/permission issue.
Third party plugin conflict

Debugging Procedure:


We need to know whether the actual image exists or not.
Right Click on the thumb> View Image (in Firefox).
Take note of the actual URL for the thumb.
You will notice that the URL of the thumb is (example): Thumb: images/photos/62/thumb_e9c8787197c151c42b599543.jpg
The URL of the actual image would be (example): Actual : images/originalphotos/62/e9c8787197c151c42b599543.jpg
photos -> originalphotos
thumb_e9c8787197c151c42b599543.jpg -> e9c8787197c151c42b599543.jpg
Once you know the generated file name, head straight to the original photo, which is www.yoursite.com/images/originalphotos/62/e9c8787197c151c42b599543.jpg
If you manage to view both original photos and its thumb, then most likely your issue lies in the insufficient memory_limit.
If you are unable to view any or both original photos and its thumb, most likely your issue lies in incorrect directory permission.