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      <page pageid="665" ns="0" title="Remove JomSocial from URL">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">==Overview==
Installing the JomSocial for the first time, will add set of several new menu items so you don't have to think about creating them one by one.&lt;br/&gt;
Due the nature of Joomla! menus being required to have an '''alias''' beside other required information, for easier finding we gave the name to this alias by the component name. &lt;br/&gt;
The outcome is, that the browser address bar will display simething like this when you visit JomSocial pages

==How to change it==
Since this is just an alias of the menu item, naturally, you will need to do the edits in the [ Joomla Menu Manager]&lt;br/&gt;
Go to the Main Menu and search for &quot;jomsocial&quot;&lt;br/&gt;
Edit the name and alias, and you're all set.

==See Also==
[[Modifying Toolbar]]
[[Toolbar Explained]]</rev>
      <page pageid="548" ns="0" title="Remove Likes Activity">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">{{alert|&lt;center&gt;'''This modification is for JomSocial 3.0.x'''&lt;/center&gt;|alert-info}}

JomSocial 3 introduces the new activity stream for every like in the community which can potentially clutter your activity stream.and make it look like shown on the image bellow
If you want to remove those activities, kindly open this file
* '''ROOT/components/com_community/controllers/system.php
On the line 592 and 593 find this code
&lt;syntaxhighlight lang=&quot;php&quot;&gt;
// Add logging
CActivityStream::addActor($act, $params-&gt;toString() );
&lt;br /&gt;
Delete or comment it out. It will prevent '''new''' streams for this actions from being created. Old, already generated streams will still be shown.

==See Also==
* [[Disabling Individual Activity]]</rev>